To the official website for Northland Early Learning Center! For those of you who are new to our program, here’s an explanation of the different types of early learning opportunities we offer.


Co-op began over twenty five years ago by a group of young mothers looking for connection, childcare and support. Over the years we have grown into the cooperative learning program which now supports over ninety families and one hundred thirty children. Our Co-op is specifically for 2’s, 3’s, and pre-kindergarten children and has a strong parent participation component.


The Kindergarten program offers a unique, developmentally appropriate approach for five year-olds. While parent involvement is crucial to our kindergarten’s success and the success of each kindergartener, there is no structured or required amount of participation.

Mom’s Morning Out

Mother’s Morning Out is a one day per week opportunity for toddlers and has no parent commitment requirements. This program was created for the busy mom who needs some extra time to clean the house, run errands, or sit back and relax without the kids under her feet every moment of the day.